All your Loyalty Programs
With You
All The Time

Right on your Phone



No more Kiosks, No More fumbling for cards, No more different downloads for different merchants.

Everything with you, All the Time, Right on our Phone.

It keeps Every Program UP TO DATE, Automatically, with A.I. Technology,
on Auto-Pilot.

Finally, there is a way for you to keep track of All your Loyalty Programs from Every Merchant, on Auto-pilot.

You Just Join the Program.
The system tracks Everything.
You can even Self-checkin with some of them.
Others will automatically recognize you.

Automatic - Tap
or Click

Depending upon how the merchant has it set it,
it takes the Hassle out of your Rewards Programs.
Put them on Auto-Pilot.


Some of them will even recognize you when you walk in the door.


When you check in, either via. a tap, click or auto check, each one tells you how far you need to go for the next reward.


Whether you tap or the merchant validates, depending on how they set it up, it resets on it's own.

Smart System

It's a Smart System, it always knows where you are with each merchant.

Does your favorite merchant have it?

If they don't, ask them Why?

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that was released in March of 2020?
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Taking the Hassle out of
Loyalty Programs.

Always with you, right on your Phone.

Works on All your Mobile Devices

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